Residential and Commercial High-Pressure Cleaning for Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Surrounds, Fences & Other Hard Surfaces

High-Pressure Cleaning in Elwood

High-pressure washing is an effective way to remove grime and other contaminants from concrete driveways, pathways, and patios. Using a pressure washer can eliminate unsightly oil stains, slippery moss, algae, and the hazards associated with slippery surfaces. To achieve the best results, a combination of pressurised water and biodegradable chemicals is required. While water alone can clean hard surfaces, chemicals help avoid excessive water or high pressure, which can damage some materials.
The key to effective high-pressure cleaning is to eliminate algae, mould, and mildew down to the root. Simply blasting away the top layer with a high-pressure cleaner leaves behind living spores that quickly re-infest the area.
It is crucial to recognise that not all surfaces can be treated in the same manner. Understanding both the material composition and the nature of its deterioration is essential. This is why hiring a professional pressure cleaner is a wise option. Professionals can identify the types of stains and contaminants and understand the characteristics of various surfaces.

Mr. Sparkle’s Specialised 3-Step Cleaning Process

Elwood’s Mr. Sparkle Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing utilises a specialised 3-step cleaning process to ensure total restoration of your hard surfaces:

Step 1: We apply a customised biodegradable cleaning solution to loosen the bond between your hard surface and contaminants such as mould, mildew, and moss.

Step 2: To ensure the cleaning solution is most effective, we manually scrub the surface, lifting and breaking the surface bond.

Step 3: In the final stage, we use high-pressure cleaning to ensure the most thorough and comprehensive clean possible.

We provide specialised cleaning and restoration solutions for all natural and man-made surfaces throughout Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Somers suburbs, and all Port Phillip suburbs.

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Oil & Grease Removal

Oil and grease need to be treated immediately as they are likely to leave stains that cleaning cannot rectify. If concrete, pavers, or tiled surfaces that have not been sealed are subjected to oil or grease, they will most likely be permanently stained unless you act quickly. Stains can be removed using various products, many of which contain hazardous ingredients. We recommend using eco-friendly products whenever possible.
Proper high-pressure cleaning of hard surfaces requires commercial-grade equipment and detergents. Our high-pressure cleaning services can remove dirt, mould, grease, moss, mildew, and harmful pollutants!

Tile and Grout Outdoor Pressure Washing

Over time, weather, soil erosion, dirt, grease, and oil spills can tarnish the look of your driveway and walkways. Mould and mildew can easily build up on the outside surfaces of your property, not only looking unappealing but also potentially causing serious health problems. Pressure washing can restore the outdoor surfaces of your home and business to an “as new” condition.
When pressure washing, Mr. Sparkle uses the highest calibre equipment and chemicals, ensuring you are more than satisfied with the end result. Mr. Sparkle is a full-service company providing a wide range of residential and commercial services.
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Comprehensive Pressure Cleaning Services in Elwood

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are one of the most trafficked areas around your property and are constantly exposed to various elements. Over time, they accumulate dirt, oil stains, tyre marks, and other contaminants. Our pressure cleaning services are designed to thoroughly clean driveways, restoring them to their original condition and improving your property’s curb appeal.

Walkway Cleaning

Walkways are prone to becoming dirty and slippery due to moss, algae, and other organic growths. This can pose a significant safety hazard. Our high-pressure cleaning effectively removes these contaminants, making your walkways safer and more visually appealing.

Patio and Pool Surround Cleaning

Patios and pool surrounds are popular spots for relaxation and entertainment. However, they can quickly become dirty with constant use and exposure to the elements. Our pressure cleaning services ensure that these areas remain clean and inviting, free from dirt, grime, and slippery moss.

Fence Cleaning

Fences are often neglected when it comes to cleaning, yet they play a significant role in your property’s overall appearance. Whether your fence is made of wood, metal, or another material, our pressure cleaning services can remove dirt, mould, and other build-ups, enhancing the look of your property.

The Importance of Professional Pressure Cleaning


Slippery surfaces caused by moss, algae, and mildew can lead to accidents and injuries. Professional pressure cleaning helps eliminate these hazards, making your property safer for you, your family, and your visitors.


A clean property is more visually appealing. Regular pressure cleaning removes stains, dirt, and other unsightly marks, ensuring your property looks its best at all times.


Dirt, mould, and other contaminants can cause long-term damage to surfaces if left unchecked. Regular pressure cleaning helps maintain the integrity of these surfaces, prolonging their lifespan and saving you money on costly repairs or replacements.


Mould and mildew are not just unsightly; they can also pose health risks. Professional pressure cleaning removes these harmful substances, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Why Choose Mr. Sparkle Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing?

Expertise and Experience

Our team has extensive experience in high-pressure cleaning. We understand the specific needs of different surfaces and employ the best techniques to ensure a thorough clean without causing damage.

High-Quality Equipment

We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results. Our high-pressure cleaning methods are effective and safe for all surfaces.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Every job is carried out with precision to ensure your property looks its best.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide customised solutions that exceed their expectations.

Competitive Pricing

We offer high-quality services at competitive prices, providing excellent value for your money.

The Science Behind Pressure Cleaning

Understanding Surfaces

Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques. For example, concrete can withstand high-pressure washing, but more delicate surfaces like wood or certain types of tiles need a gentler approach to prevent damage. Our team understands the unique requirements of various materials and tailors our cleaning methods accordingly.

Biodegradable Chemicals

The use of biodegradable chemicals is essential in modern pressure cleaning. These chemicals break down contaminants and make them easier to remove without harming the environment. At Mr. Sparkle, we prioritise eco-friendly solutions to protect your property and the planet.

High-Pressure vs. Soft-Washing

High-pressure washing is suitable for hard surfaces like concrete and metal, where the goal is to blast away tough stains and debris. Soft-washing, on the other hand, uses lower pressure and specialised cleaning solutions to gently clean more delicate surfaces like roofs and painted areas. Understanding when to use each method is key to achieving optimal results.

Environmental Considerations

Water Conservation

While pressure cleaning uses water, our advanced equipment ensures minimal water usage by delivering powerful cleaning action with less water. This approach not only conserves water but also reduces runoff, making our services more environmentally friendly.

Safe Disposal of Contaminants

The contaminants removed during pressure cleaning, such as oil, grease, and mould, are disposed of responsibly. We adhere to all local regulations regarding waste disposal to minimise environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Products

Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly cleaning products. These products are just as effective as traditional cleaners but are safer for the environment and your property.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Mr. Sparkle Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing, we are committed to providing the highest quality pressure cleaning services in Elwood. Our team of skilled professionals uses the best equipment and techniques to ensure your property is cleaned to perfection. We stand by our work with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you are happy with the results.

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